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L'Paige Changeable Lipstick Colors: are still the most moisturizing, longest-lasting lipsticks in the cosmetic world. As you apply, your chemistry changes the color to a luxurious shade just right for you. L'Paige stays on for hours, even after you eat, drink, or kiss! The original shades (the Changeables) will not leave lip prints on your cup or glass and will not come off on your teeth. Wear alone, or as a base, then apply another color over it. Lips stay Aloe Soft. Apply once, let it change. Apply more for a darker shade. Available in GREEN, WHITE, YELLOW, BROWN, BLACK, and BLUE.

  • BROWN Changes to varying shades of raspberry to red.
  • Contains Aloe Vera & beeswax, which heals, moisturizes, & softens the lips. Very long-lasting. Does not bleed or run into the face.
  • Sunscreen formulated, hypo-allergenic, dermatologist recommended, no animal testing, and FDA inspected.
  • Does not contain lead, aluminum, gluten, or petroleum distillates.
  • All of our fabulous shades may be mixed and combined to produce any color desired!
  • In the summer months and hotter climates, please refrigerate for up to 1 hour after receiving the shipped product.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kathy Kenny

It’s pinker than I expected but still a good color.

Donna Odegaard
Long lasting

I have been using Lpaige for over 20 years. There is no lipstick like it. . Love it!

At least 40 years a customer

Still getting compliments on my lip color. I’m sure it has been at least if not more than 40 years this lipstick has been my absolute favorite. I still get compliments.

Polly Vierling
Concerns on Delivery Method

I sent you an email regarding the delivery being by USPS. I live in Bonita Springs FL. Very hot here right now. It was put into my mail box. Fortunately I was home working on my computer and got my mail in shortly after it was delivered. The product was okay but very hot. I had to open both tubes and let them cool off. They had beads of moisture on the stick. I suggest in the future to at least deliver it in a fashion it is put on the front porch where it will be in some shade. Many thanks for your consideration.

Carol Ringenberg
Great lipstick

For some reason this is the only color that stays on the longest! Why?
Anyway, I have been been only using this lipstick for over 20 years, and 😊
Carol R.