About Us


In early 1984 Erlene Hammett discovered a lipstick that every woman would love. This lipstick was easy to use, long lasting, aloe-based, non-irritating, did not dry up, cake off or kiss off… and it was green! When properly applied, The green lipstick reacts with the body chemistry of the individual, changing to a color uniquely complimentary to that person.

Erlene knew she had a winner, so in February of 1984 she founded L’Paige Cosmetics (named after her daughter Paige). With her great sales ability, Erlene soon had women all over realizing the benefits of this amazing green lipstick. The green lipstick was soon joined by yellow, blue, white, brown and black. The company has now grown to include over 60 designer long-lasting shades of lipstick, lip glosses, lip liner pencils, blush,  bronzer and more beauty products of unsurpassed quality.